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Who are we?

Oslr is designed to help keen medical students and willing doctors make the most of their time by facilitating the organisation of peer-to-peer and bedside teaching in a busy hospital environment.

  • Easily find and contact willing bedside teachers
  • Let students know when you have time to teach
  • Collect feedback and generate certificates for your portfolio

As doctors we know that good bedside teaching is crucial to our training. We also know how difficult it can be to organise. Oslr makes the whole process easy, and connects your teaching with online resources. Using Oslr will help you pass your exams, and make you a better doctor.

Adam Pennycuick


The Team

Dr Adam Pennycuick MRCP MBBS MPhys

Dr Adam Pennycuick MRCP MBBS MPhys

Chief Executive Officer

Adam is a Respiratory doctor and former software developer. He is the former Chair of the bedside teaching group at the UK’s largest teaching hospital. He leads the technical development of Oslr.

Dr Tom Simpson MA MBBS MRCP

Dr Tom Simpson MA MBBS MRCP

Chief Medical Officer

Tom is a respiratory registrar doctor currently undertaking a Masters in Medical Education, with particular interest in developing electronic teaching resources. He leads the development of Oslr as an educational tool.

Alan Pooley MBA BSc HNC

Alan Pooley MBA BSc HNC

Chief Operating Officer

Alan has managed projects from starts-ups to the release of iPhone for Apple. He completed an executive MBA researching Applying Agile Methodology in the Gig Economy. He leads the digital age business operations of Oslr.

Supported by the health sector

Wow ! It’s been quite a momentous time for Oslr over the summer…

Oslr were invited to the Junior Doctor Registration for Guys and St Thomas Trust (GSTT) for the upcoming semester and, with great feedback, have now passed over 200 users with over 30 teacher session already been arranged via our app.

Oslr have been awarded the #Kings20 accelerator from Kings College London (KCL) who, after recognising our innovations are providing real benefit in the health sector, will provide further support to develop and promote our potential.